Our School - School Values

Our school values underpin everything that we do at Coburg Primary School and are part of everyday life for the staff, students and families.


We try to instill in ourselves and others the ability to look at the bright side of things, using humour appropriately to ease tensions and learning to laugh at oneself and with others.


Our students are encouraged to examine both their behaviour and learning styles to ensure that they fit with our school values.



When we are honest, we are being open and truthful in our actions, thoughts and words. Honesty shows both self-respect and respect for others.



We value learning when we respect our own and everyone else’s right to learn, taking responsibility for the way we interact and cooperate with other students and teachers. We strive to become creative thinkers and to develop work habits that allow us to produce excellent work that we can be proud of at all times.



We show that we can use a range of strategies to overcome different kinds of adversity or hardship and ‘bounce back’ whilst continuing to remain positive and be willing to try again. 



We demonstrate teamwork when we can work together with a group of people to achieve positive outcomes.



We are respectful when we are polite, considerate and thoughtful to all others regardless of gender, age, race, religion or disability. We show respect to our friends, our family, teachers and members of the community. We also try to earn the respect of others.