Parents - School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the Principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.    


 School Council comprises of eleven members 7 elected parents

3 elected staff

1 Principal (Executive Officer)


2023 - 2024 School Council

Matt Kerby (Principal) 

Lucy Williams (Assistant Principal) 

Tamara Camilleri (Teacher)

Jolie Larris (Teacher)

Joy Sleeman (Secretary)

Jacob Kantor (Parent / School Council President)

Debbie Rando (Parent / Vice President)

Mike Cormack (Parent / Treasurer )

Shane Gemmola (Parent)

Daniella Mattielli (Parent)

James Thomson (Parent)

Susann Wudtke (Parent)


All our School Councillors can be contacted using the school email address: (Put the name of the councillor you wish to contact in the subject line)

School Council Meeting Dates


2024 Dates

Wednesday February 14th

Wednesday March 13th

Wednesday May 15th

Wednesday June 19th

Wednesday July 24th

Wednesday August 21st

Wednesday October 23rd

Wednesday November 20th 

Wednesday December TBA  (Dinner meeting)

 *Currently School Council meets in the Senior School staffroom at 6:00 pm

School Council Committees

Finance - Mike Cormack (Convenor), Lucy Williams, Matt Kerby and Dianne Barressi

Assemble -  Mike Cormack (Convenor), Lucy Williams, Matt Kerby, and James Thomson

Buildings & Grounds -  Jacob Kantor (Convenor), Lucy Williams, Matt Kerby, James Thomson and Debbie Rando

Fundraising (inc Farmers' Market) - Daniella Mattielli (Convenor), Jolie Larris and Susann Wudtke

School Council Agenda - Matt Kerby

School Council Minutes / Secretary - Joy Sleeman