Students - Student Voice


At Coburg Primary School we strive to build a culture where teachers and students work together and student voice is heard and respected. At Coburg Primary School we currently provide many opportunities for students to have a voice, lead and be agents of their own learning.


Student Voice is not simply about giving students the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is

about students having the power to influence change. Authentic student voice provides opportunities for students to collaborate and make decisions with adults around what and how they learn and how their learning is assessed.

In 2019 we aim for students to be empowered to present their ideas, opinions, knowledge and develop assessment criteria. Students will also provide regular feedback to their teachers and teacher swill seek feedback through their lessons using feedback techniques.


Student Forums

During the school year student forums are held to gather feedback from the students on teaching and learning programs.

The results from the students are collated and fed back to the school community via Friday afternoon assembly. The Principal and leadership team will assess all feedback and take appropriate action where possible.


Junior School Council

The Coburg Primary School JSC is made up of two representatives from each Year 1 – 6 class. Students are selected by their peers from their own classrooms.


Representatives meet monthly, often giving up their lunchtimes to attend meetings which, with the support of a teacher, are run by the students themselves. These meetings give voice to issues concerning students and discuss upcoming fundraising and community service opportunities.


Student agency refers to the level of autonomy and power that a student experiences in the learning environment. Student voice and agency are intrinsically linked. Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their learning, creating independent and self-regulating learners.  

Coburg Primary School students currently set their own learning goals for reading, writing and numeracy. In Foundation –Year 1 these goals are recorded in their goals booklets and are displayed clearly in the classrooms for students to refer to during the lessons. In Years 2-6 students record their goals in the app see saw, this allows students to upload work and receive direct feedback from their teacher. Parents /carers  can also have direct communication with their child via the app.Students in all classes come up with ideas to focus their learning and we are starting to to work with an inquiry cycle for the senior classes.


Student leadership is not confined to a small group of individuals, as leadership potential is inherent within

all learners. Student leadership includes listening to and being able to clarify the issues of the students they represent and advocating on their behalf. Student leaders have an increased sense of responsibility to help others and to model leadership principles and values. Trust, autonomy and relationships are enhanced through the development of leadership

At Coburg Primary School we encourage and value our students’ participation in a range of leadership roles from Years 1 to 6.


School Captains

Students from Year 6 are elected by their peers to become School Captains. The process commences in term 4, where year five students who which to be considered for school captains present their speeches to all students in years Foundation to Year 6. The votes are tallied and the top 10 are interviewed by the existing school captains, four school captains are then appointed.

Once appointed they participate in a number of activities to enhance both their own leadership skills and our school community including:

  • Running Monday afternoon whole school assemblies
  • Representing the school when important visitors attend or at local events
  • Regular meetings with the Principal to discuss upcoming school events
  • Leadership training with the Principal and Assistant Principal.

Any recommendations or suggestions arising out of these meetings are then forwarded to the school Principal and communicated at the whole school assembly.


Sports Captains

Every year interested students in Year 5 were asked to deliver a speech on why they would make a good sports captain. After the speeches delivered the Year 5/6 cohort vote on who they would want to be future Sports Captains.

Our Sports Captains have a range of responsibilities including: 

  • Representing the school during sports days
  • Organising the borrowing and return of the sports equipment during lunch times
  • Keeping the sports store clean and organised and ensuring sports equipment is safe to use
  • Assist the teacher, ensuring students are lined up ready to head onto the bus
  • Help set up and pack down for PE sessions